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Aaaaaaand another update from my Altair Project. (Yey!)

Yep. I did something else the last nights….till 5 am….yes, that’s in the morning. It was already dawing. Birds were sing- … yeah, you get the drive.

I did the strap and the sheath! And even though my mother told me that it would never work you can totally wear the sheath upside down, exactly how it’s supposed to be. Tale that, mum! The sword won’t fall out, I tested it (by jumping through our flat like mad).

I used pleather and felt again, and some cardboard to stabilise it a bit. Also some metal rings (obviously) and linoleum for the decoration. The rest was just sheer luck and a lot of guessing. Well, it worked out in the end.

I didn’t make the weapon, though, I bought it from maskworld. It’s LARP-compatible which is important because I plan to take it with me to ConQuest this year and do some battle, yeeha!

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